It's late august in Penang, Malaysia...

The heat of the night is oppressive, the walls are perspiring, water seeping through the cracks in the paint of old colonial buildings. A gecko scurries under the sickly yellow light which floods out from a high pressure sodium bulb elevated above the street. Here the night is alive, beneath the swirling clouds of very small insects circling the pools of light, the city thrives, the roads undulating like a snake as they wind through the streets and alleys. and plodding along in search of scraps or food, or looking to start a territorial fight are the dogs of Georgetown. 
I'm drawn to the dogs, because at home a stray dog would not last half a day before being caught and taken to the pound, but here the dogs have a freedom that is alien to me. They wander around untethered, they've most likely spent the heat of the day sleeping under a tree or a car, and now in the night they forage and search. I followed many dogs into many dark places around Georgetown, simply because I could not sleep, I saw places and people and things I would never have seen had I been tucked away in my hotel bed.