All of these things he left behind

What is treasure to a dog ? Something that is good enough to bury to make sure no-one else can get it. The problem was that as he got older my dog Midnight would always forget where he had buried things in the garden. Sometimes he would be lucky and I would find these things while gardening and present them to him, and he would be so ecstatic that I had found his toy, or stolen object. Though many of these things I didn't find until after he had passed away. Every object that I found was another memory of the time I gave it to him, or found him with something he wasn't supposed to have. 

Each object was so uniquely changed by his influence on it, the way that he had chewed it, or how deeply he had decided to bury it, that although these toys could be bought in any store, not one of them would be the same as his possessions. Cataloging  his objects was a cathartic way to come to terms with his loss, he was in many ways an important part of my life. during the series i came to realisations about the universal nature of loss and the persistent impermanence of life.